here is the average wait time sample

Ride Name Wait Time (minutes) Ride Rating (1-10)
Nemesis Reborn 45 8
Runaway Mine Train 20 7
RipSaw 30 9
Beast 15 6
Hex The Legends of The Towers 40 7
Congo River Rapids 25 8
Curse At Alton Manor 35 7
Around The World in 80 Days 10 6
Thirteen 50 9
Oblivion 55 10

Cybersecurity characters

Character 1 Naïve Nancy

Naïve Nancytends to trust anyone she meets online and readily shares personal information.
Susceptibility: Vulnerable to phishing emails or messages that impersonate trustworthy entities.

  1. Educate Nancy about the importance of verifying the identity of the sender before sharing personal information.
  2. Encourage her to use strong, unique passwords and enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for her accounts.
  3. Teach her to recognize suspicious emails or messages and avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments from unknown sources.
  4. Explain the risks of oversharing personal details on social media and advise her to limit the information she posts online.
  5. Help Nancy set up email filters to automatically detect and move phishing emails to her spam folder.

Character 2: Careless Karl

  • Characteristics: Careless Karl often forgets to log out of his accounts on public computers and frequently uses public Wi-Fi without precautions.
  • Susceptibility: Prone to session hijacking or eavesdropping attacks on public networks.
  • Online Safety Practices:

    1. Remind Karl to always log out of his accounts on public computers and devices.
    2. Educate him about the risks of using unsecured public Wi-Fi networks and encourage him to use a virtual private network (VPN) for added security.
    3. Teach him to regularly review his account activity and logins to spot any unauthorized access.
    4. Instruct Carl to enable login alerts and two-factor authentication on his accounts for added security.
    5. Emphasize the importance of keeping his devices and software up to date to patch security vulnerabilities.

Character 3: Impulsive Ivan

  • Characteristics: Impulsive Ivan falls for “get-rich-quick” schemes and often clicks on unsolicited offers promising easy money.
  • Susceptibility: Prone to falling for online scams and fraudulent investment opportunities.
  • Online Safety Practices:

    1. Educate Ivan about the risks of unsolicited offers and the importance of verifying the legitimacy of investment opportunities.
    2. Teach him to be sceptical of offers that seem too good to be true and to conduct thorough research before investing money.
    3. Emphasize the importance of reading reviews and checking for red flags, such as missing contact information or a lack of transparency.
    4. Encourage him to report suspicious offers to relevant authorities or consumer protection agencies.
    5. Help Ivan understand the value of financial literacy and making informed decisions about his investments.

Character 4: Trusting Tina

  • Characteristics: Trusting Tina is overly trusting of people she meets online and readily shares personal stories and emotions.
  • Susceptibility: Prone to social engineering attacks and online manipulations.
  • Online Safety Practices:

    1. Teach Tina to be cautious when sharing personal information and to avoid disclosing sensitive details to strangers.
    2. Explain the risks of emotional manipulation online and help her recognize signs of manipulation or coercion.
    3. Encourage her to limit sharing personal stories and emotions in public forums or with unknown individuals.
    4. Educate Tina about the importance of strong and unique passwords and the dangers of sharing them with anyone, even if they seem trustworthy.
    5. Remind her to report any suspicious or uncomfortable interactions to trusted adults or authorities.

Character 5: Reckless Robbie

  • Characteristics: Reckless Robbie is known for his risky online behaviour, such as downloading files from sketchy websites and engaging in online dares or challenges.
  • Susceptibility: Prone to malware infections and unsafe online dares.
  • Online Safety Practices:

    1. Educate Robbie about the risks of downloading files from unverified sources and emphasize the importance of downloading from trusted websites only.
    2. Teach him about the dangers of online dares or challenges, including potential harm to his online reputation or personal safety.
    3. Encourage him to use reputable antivirus software and keep it up to date to protect against malware.
    4. Instruct Robbie on how to identify phishing emails or suspicious download links that may contain malware.
    5. Remind him to be cautious and think before he acts online, especially when peer pressure is involved.