Design Sprint Workshops Manchester

When your business is looking to make a crucial decision or take the next big step many obstacles or challenges can get in the way. A design sprint is a lean team-based approach that works to reduce the drain on your organisation’s time and other resources.

What Does a Design Sprint Involve?

Whether it’s the launch of your new product, an organisational change or updating your marketing strategy our design sprint workshops are the ideal, fully customised solution to make tangible progress. And to combat classic organisational pitfalls like decision fatigue and project failure that sabotage large scale projects at the planning stage.

We help you to make rapid progress in your business by applying an effective model and timeline.

Your company might have a three-year plan or a five-year plan. It might even have a ten-year plan. If it does – well done. However, these plans don’t typically have the level of detail that actually explain what you will do or how you will overcome the issues and make progress to those precious objectives.
So your organisation needs planning sessions. You set up a team or designate someone to lead a project who thinks about the plan – you may even ask different departments to collaborate or contribute their ideas.
By the time the all of this is complete and people actually start working on the plan you’ve already lost months and committed a large amount of time and resource on it without any progress.
Meanwhile, the market is evolving, customers’ needs are changing, new technologies are emerging and the government is passing new laws.

Every business faces obstacles and blockers.

We act as a guide to shepherd your key stakeholder in a lean and focused “sprint” to dive into your organisation and the issues that you are facing.
It can be the next iteration of your app, a new website, a process or operational change. Whilst it probably won’t be something related to how you account or report finance, it could be the processes of your finance team and how they impact the company as a whole.

How long is a design sprint?

Usually working with a business in a weeklong assignment we work to rapidly learn – getting into the heart of your organisation and the issue, testing and reiterating back our findings before moving to design a prototype solution with your key stakeholders.
A design sprint workshop itself can be as little as an hour.

Marketing Design Sprints

Developing your brand or next big marketing campaign can be a challenge. We have the expertise in marketing, branding and technical execution to help facilitate realistic outcomes.
Working on a design sprint for marketing can be energising, motivating and fun as well as deliver tangible outcomes that have collective buy-in.