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Bespoke Digital Solutions 

SAY WHAT specialise in impactful digital consultancy and research but also offer marketing services alongside ideal if you are looking to improve your results, products or services.

Say What help combine practical support and hands-on experience with specialist research.
Say what? It’s digital consultancy that goes a step further, it’s training that works with you.

How is this solution different? Understand what you’re doing well
Many digital agencies and consultancy firms offer services to run campaigns, advise on strategy or provide specific consultancy. We work differently. We specialise in understanding and solving problems and we take care of the scale of the problem, consulting and executing where necessary.

We first work with you to ensure you understand and can make informed decisions. Many organisations we work with know exactly what they want, but not everyone does. So we can help to identify what your business is doing well and what it needs to improve.

Why is this solution good for clients?
We work as your in-house expert, supporting and answering questions to help you find the right solutions. We can manage activity for you as well as providing consultancy and advice. We have experience in a wide range of digital projects and businesses, and can collaborate with your teams to integrate digital into your comms, your marketing, your sales and your IT or web capabilities.

It’s digital consultancy and strategy delivered in a hands-on and practical way

You get greater exposure to digital, consultancy and in-depth research and insight. We get to work with amazing people and organisations to make change happen.

Whether it’s Web, Product or something outside of your organisation – we help clients develop and achieve their goals

If you know what you need to achieve that’s great, but even if you don’t we can help you develop a clear strategy and action plan to deliver successful results through digital.

100% Expert Digital Training – You might want training and nothing more at this stage. We can have a look at your business, what you do and your presence to personalise your training programme for as many staff as you like. It can be digital training for one person or for the whole organisation.
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Consultancy and solution – If you need advice, support and possibly even execution we can help make this a reality. From consultancy, content creation, campaign or project management.

All campaigns come with regular progress reports and detailed insights and analysis – so you know exactly what is happening every step of the way.

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From strategy and campaigns conception & planning to analysis, research, and delivery we work across Social, Search (SEO + PPC), Display, Email, Web and Design. Fore more information see our digital services


Working with brands, businesses, charities and associations to drive real world success.
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