Say What Digital

Bespoke Digital Solutions 

SAY WHAT specialise in impactful digital busniness consultancy, analysis and insights but also offer marketing services alongside ideal if you are looking to improve your results, products or services.

We discovered organisations often work slowly – they have an agency to execute activities or campaigns but they don’t play a part in the big picture.  With agencies and consultants they don’t always join the dots. We combine practical support and hands-on experience with specialist insight and advice.
Simply put…We work with your teams to improve your business and marketing.

How is this solution different? 
Many markeing partners, digital agecies and freelancers will offer marketing or business services, they run campaigns, and possibly even tell you what they are doing however they never quite feel part of your organisation.
We work differently. We are authentic – true to our desire to solve problems and work with great people and great organisations to foster change.
It could be growth, rebranding, repositioning or a large scale campaign but we get under the hood, understanding your businesssolving problems with you to ensure they are tackled at the route and .

Why is this solution good for clients?
We work as your in-house expert, supporting and answering questions to help you find the right solutions. We can manage activity for you as well as providing consultancy and advice. We have experience in a wide range of digital projects and businesses, and can collaborate with your teams to integrate digital into your comms, your marketing, your sales and your IT or web capabilities.

It’s part-consultancy and part-strategy development in a hands-on and practical way

We help you to develop insights, parallels and strategy. We get to do work we love, meeting interesting people and making a difference.

If you know what you need to achieve that’s great, but even if you don’t we can help you develop a clear strategy and action plan to deliver successful results through digital.

Starting a business or developing an idea is tough – so is changing operations or processes within an existing organisation. You need some help in getting started or how to tackle certain issues. We can have a look at your business, what you do and your online reputation to understand the issues facing your business and how they can be improved.
We can also work with your teams to understand and skill gaps and run tailored workshops and training for your staff. It can be training for one person or for the whole organisation. We can even help you develop online training programmes or LMS (Learning Management System).
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Whether it’s your online presence, marketing channels, your product offering or something outside of your organisation you need to better understand – we help clients develop and achieve their goals

Consultancy and solution – If you need advice, support and possibly even execution we can help make this a reality. From content creation, campaign development, research, project management or something else. we can help.

We are constantly asked to manage campaigns too. So we do this for certain clients, we work with them to develop their business and run some of the parts of their marketing machine – this means we have a close connection to what’s going on daily and means you can rest easy that the overall strategy is understood by the team working on your campaigns.
In particular, we work on paid social, online video campaigns and large scale web projects and we still provide regular updates, reports and analysis.
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